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Jess Goss | Master Blonding Certified | ABCH | Vidal Sassoon Trained | Deva Curl Certified

After growing up in a salon and spending 16 years in the business, I tore it all down. I rewrote, rebuilt, and created An Herb and Love Story.

Flashback to the days of phones ringing off the hook, a crazy busy salon with 10 stylists, 5 chairs + a “Best Of” running multiple year streak. We had all the top selling products, we offered colors, cuts, waxing, perms, gel nail services. We were juggling clients while others processed, we were answering the phone constantly. It was textbook SUCCESS.

 And… I hated it. I was miserable. I was tired of interrupting my client in the middle of a vulnerable conversation to answer the phone. I was learning about the toxicity of the products I was using and recommending. I was battling my own journey of self love and acceptance in a world that promised to make you more likable and attractive.

HARD STOP. I wanted something totally different.  Could beauty be authentic? Could it be not only less toxic but actually nourishing? A place where open communication and connection were built into the experience? Natural beauty, through health and care, could be exposed and seen? 

This is An Herb + Love Story, good for our bodies, our spirits, and our earth. Health and sustainability are the key pillars of our business. Each and every product is selected with intention. Sustainable choices like plant based replacements for plastic wraps and covers. Reusable meche replace endless piles of foil. All products come in glass and aluminum and have less than 5% plastic. All products are the cleanest in the industry, replacing petrol chemicals with botanical alternatives. The result is a nourishing, non-toxic experience unlike any other. <br> So, come in, enjoy a cup of herbal tea, vitamin + immunity boosting infused water, or a botanical latte. Sit in my chair, tell me all the things- my attention is yours. Come in as your authentic, beautiful self- no makeup or fancy outfits required. Let’s work together to dismantle the toxic beauty culture.

Recognition + Honors

Making a big impact from our tiny space out here on the Olympic Peninsula

2022- OWay Cinquanta Salon Internationally Recognized as a TOP 50 green chemistry salon 

2020- Speaker at Washington Oregon Higher Education Sustainability Conference University of Oregon 

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